New Jersey: Governor's Budget Proposal Cuts Charity Care, Increases Medicaid Provider Reimbursement

Governor Chris Christie’s (R) Fiscal Year 2016 budget proposal included a 22.8%, or $148 million, cut to charity care payments to hospitals, which the administration argued would be partially offset by a $45 million increase in Medicaid provider reimbursements. The State has enrolled nearly 500,000 additional individuals through Medicaid expansion, but has one of the lowest Medicaid reimbursement rates in the country. The proposed budget would also increase the Department of Human Services budget by 0.8% to $6.7 billion and the Department of Health’s budget by 7.3% to $396 billion, reported.

Wisconsin: Governor Proposes Major Changes in Eligibility and Cost-Sharing for Childless Adults

Governor Scott Walker’s (R) proposed 2015-2017 Executive Budget calls for Wisconsin to seek a waiver from the federal government to impose monthly premiums for all enrolled childless adults, as well as higher premiums for those engaged in “risky health behaviors.” The budget also recommends limiting a childless adult’s Medicaid eligibility to 48 months, and requires that all childless adults enrolled or applying for coverage submit to a drug test. The proposals, which push the boundaries of what has been approved in the past, would require sign-off from CMS.