In Wilmot, Wilmot and Patel v Selvarajam, the employer argued that a dismissal was not automatically unfair simply because of a four-month delay in holding the appeal, where it had completed the statutory dismissal procedure. Essentially, the employer argued that under the statutory disciplinary procedures it is possible to fail to comply with an element of the procedure (i.e., failure to act without unreasonable delay), but still complete the procedure and thereby avoid a finding of automatic unfair dismissal. The EAT rejected this argument, relying upon previous EAT rulings that a failure to comply with a requirement of the statutory disciplinary procedure amounts to noncompletion. Employers are advised not to unreasonably delay any step of the statutory disciplinary procedure as, in the event of a claim, they are at risk of a finding against them of automatic unfair dismissal, with all the attendant consequences and remedies.