The UK ’s High Court dismissed an appeal by Ian Norris against a ruling of a District Judge and an order of the Secretary of State that Mr Norris should be extradited to the U.S.. Mr Norris is the former chief executive of Morgan Crucible, a UK manufacturer of carbon and ceramic products. The U.S. authorities are seeking his extradition in connection with two charges: Mr Norris is accused of having participated in a conspiracy to fix carbon prices and of having obstructed the investigation into the alleged cartel. Last year, the House of Lords ruled that Mr Norris could not be extradited for price-fixing because cartels did not constitute a criminal offence in the UK at the time of the alleged misconduct (before 2003). However, the High Court has now ruled that Mr Norris should be extradited to face the obstruction of justice charges. Mr Norris can still halt the extradition process by bringing an action before the European Court of Human Rights.