The Michigan Department of Transportation (“MDOT”) recently released a “Request for Partnership” seeking potential partners interested in working with MDOT and 3M to test connected and automated vehicle technology (click here to see the official release from MDOT). Interested potential partners should submit a one-page letter of interest by the close of business on Monday, August 29, 2016, by email or mail to the contact information below.

MDOT and 3M intend to use the I-75 construction project to offer a real-life opportunity, on local and freeway networks, to test the communications and the interactions between two or more vehicles and between a vehicle and the surrounding infrastructure. Specifically, the project expressed interest in partners who can provide technologies relating to the roadway, construction or traffic signs, and traffic barrels or barriers that would communicate and interact directly with a vehicle. However, MDOT has not limited the types of technologies it desires to implement and test, and it welcomes all potential partners willing to work closely with MDOT and 3M.

In recent years, Michigan has endeavored to improve the mobility of motorists and to reduce the number of traffic fatalities, but the steady decrease in the number of traffic fatalities has plateaued. MDOT is eager to implement connected vehicle and connected traveler technologies to further its goals of improving motorist mobility and increasing motorist safety. MDOT and 3M are now looking for partners to help advance these efforts by testing new automated vehicle technologies during the I-75 construction project.

This is an un-funded pilot project that is open to all interested parties to provide live testing opportunities for such technologies. MDOT requests that all interested partners submit a one-page letter of interest by the close of business on August 29, 2016, to:

Michigan Department of Transportation

Project Manager: Michele Mueller

Metro Region Office

18101 W. Nine Mile Road

Southfield, MI 48075 [email protected]