Philip Hammond leads 30 Tory MPs in plot to stop no-deal Brexit in October (Sky)

  • Sources report an informal group of thirty Tory MPs led by Chancellor Philip Hammond are plotting to stop a no-deal Brexit in October.
  • The group of MPs have reportedly held three meetings in the last month, with a view to secure – within the next three weeks before parliament rises for the summer – a date in October on which MPs will control the agenda and can force through legislation.
  • The last time MPs took control of the agenda was in early April, when Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin led a successful attempt to force the prime minister to extend the Brexit deadline from mid-April to June.
  • The Chancellor has been a vocal critic of the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and warned of the economic damage it would do the UK. Mr Hammond has also been critical of the spending plans of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, warning that there would be no “headroom” left for giveaways in the event Britain departs the EU without a deal of 31 October.

Conservative MPs ready themselves for snap autumn election (FT)

  • MPs are preparing for a snap general election, on the basis that if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister he will either be forced to go the polls or take a chance to increase his majority, the FT reports.
  • Some Tory MPs suspect Johnson could be forced to hold an election if he is unable to renegotiate the Brexit deal and parliament blocks any move to deliver a no-deal exit on October 31.
  • Both Johnson and Hunt have argued that holding an election before Brexit is delivered would be a disaster for the Conservatives.