On Tuesday, the Justice Department (DOJ) unveiled the details of a consent decree that will allow AT&T to proceed with its $2.8 billion acquisition of Dobson Communications as long as the merged entity divests overlapping wireless assets in five states. Dobson, which serves 1.7 million customers in 17 states under the Cellular One brand name, is the ninth largest provider of mobile services in the U.S. Because AT&T competes directly against Dobson or holds minority equity interests in cellular licensees that compete against Dobson in various markets, the DOJ concluded that, “in certain areas, the transaction, as originally proposed, would have resulted in higher prices, lower quality, and diminished investment in network improvements, and would have substantially lessened competition to the detriment of consumers.” To address these concerns, the DOJ will require AT&T to (1) divest licenses currently held by Dobson in three rural service areas (RSAs) within Kentucky and Oklahoma, (2) sell minority interests held in licensees that compete against Dobson in two Missouri and Texas RSAs, and (3) relinquish the Cellular One brand name and its associated rights in two markets within Texas and Pennsylvania. Parties will have 60 days in which to comment on the proposed consent decree. The merger also remains under consideration by the FCC where a draft order approving the transaction is said to be circulating.