The Consumer Rights Act 2015 came into force on 1 October 2015 which, among other things, gives consumers new legal rights to a repair or replacement when digital content (such as an online music download, e-book, game or digital copy of a film) is faulty.

The Act also clarifies the law around refunds, creating a specific timeframe of 30 days for consumers to reject a faulty item and receive a full refund.

This is the first time consumers have had clear legal rights for digital content. The updated law comes as shoppers are increasingly spending money on digital products. Statistics reveal that in 2014, over £2.8 billion was spent on downloaded music, games and videos, an 18% increase from 2013.

Business Minister Nick Boles states, “whether it’s downloading music or buying a fridge freezer, the Consumer Rights Act makes it easier to understand your rights. UK consumers spend £90 billion a month and it is important they are able to shop with confidence. These changes will also simplify the law for businesses so they can spend less time worrying about unclear and unwieldy regulations.

To review the new legislation in full, please click here.