Ex-Barclays investment banker Richard Boath has indicated that he is bringing a claim for unfair dismissal in a preliminary tribunal hearing.  Boath's lawyer, Jonathan Cohen, proposes that the dismissal was directly related to information given to Barclays by the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

The SFO disclosed to Barclays a 900-page transcript of an interview conducted in 2014 as part of the ongoing investigation into the 2008 Global Financial Crisis emergency capital call.  The interview was originally kept private, but put forward earlier this year to support an application for a warrant to search the bank.  Cohen suggests that Barclays dismissed Boath unfairly on the grounds that they were merely unhappy with what was disclosed by him in that interview.

It appears that the unfair dismissal claim will be brought under whistle-blower protection laws.  Under such laws, there is no cap for a potential monetary award.

The SFO is currently seeking to have the case heard in private, alleging that a public hearing would jeopardise their ongoing investigation. Several media outlets, including the Guardian, will challenge this.