Ohio Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 483 (HB 483) on June 16, without vetoing a provision that places stricter requirements on where wind turbines can be built. Specifically, H.B. 483 alters the setback provisions of Ohio Revised Code Section 4606.20. Under the current law, a wind turbine must have a minimum setback of 1,125 ft. from the nearest habitable residential structure. The new law will instead require that wind turbines must be a minimum of 1,125 ft. from the property lines of the nearest adjacent property at the time of the certificate application.

According to an article in Transmission & Distribution World, “[d]evelopers say [HB 483] will make it impossible to proceed with $2.5 billion worth of projects currently under development…[that] could have provided approximately $220 million in local tax payments and $180 million worth of leases to landowners over the projects’ lifetimes. Cleveland.com reports that “[l]egislative proponents of the measure say it will ensure that property owners aren’t disturbed by noise, shadows, or falling ice from a neighboring turbine.” 

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