On 18 November 2019 the results of the SDE+ subsidy 2019 spring application round have been published. Here you find the overview of applicants that are awarded SDE+ subsidy, as well as information on their projects.

In total RVO received 5,376 SDE+ subsidy applications (for a total budget claim of EUR 4.8 billion). 4,864 projects were granted SDE+ subsidy, of which solar, as in previous application rounds, is by far the largest source with 4,738 projects. Of the EUR 5 billion budget that was available for the 2019 spring round, EUR 3.9 billion has been allocated.

Due to the current capacity shortage on the Dutch grid, as of 1 October 2019 applicants for SDE+ subsidy are obliged to include a statement from the grid operator to their application for SDE+ subsidy, stating that there is capacity available on the grid to connect the envisaged project. Since this obligation did not yet apply to applicants for the 2019 spring round, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate assumes that there are projects that have received subsidy during this spring round, that cannot be connected to the grid due to the shortage. Therefore the Minister announced that in spring 2020 there will be an additional subsidy round, besides the SDE++ subsidy 2020 spring round, to provide an opportunity for this projects to apply again for subsidy on another project location. This additional subsidy round will be financed by means of the unallocated budget for the 2019 spring and autumn rounds.

The SDE+ 2019 autumn round has just closed. The past has shown that more applications are submitted for autumn rounds than springs rounds. Thus, even though applications had to be accompanied by the grid operator's statement, the Minister expects the number of applicants for the 2019 autumn round to exceed the number of applicants for the spring round. Concrete figures in this respect are expected in the upcoming weeks, on which we will keep you updated.