Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide Notification dated 24th December, 2012 issued the Directors Identification Number (Third Amendment) Rules, 2012 by which form No. DIN 1 and DIN 4 were modified

In Form No. DIN 1

  1. Current occupation and educational qualifications of the applicant will have to be inserted
  2. New Clauses have been inserted in the Affidavit (Also known as Annexure I)
    1. The particulars of address provided in DIN-1 of the applicant and documents attached as address proof are correct beyond all reasonable doubts.
    2. I have not furnished any false information or suppressed any material information with view to obtain DIN. In case information provided is found to be false or suppressed or willful omission, I have no objection to de-activate and cancel the DIN alloted by the Central Government and I shall be liable for penal action u/s 628 of the Companies Act.
    3. In case of DIN allotted by the Central Government has not been activated within 365 days from the date of allotment, I have no objection for cancelling/ Deactivating for cancelling/ deactivating the allotted DIN.
  3. Affidavit (Also known as Annexure I) by the applicant to be executed on non judicial stamp paper and should be duly notarized. 

In Form No. DIN 1 and DIN 4

The professional certifying Form No. DIN 1 or DIN 4 will have to give following additional Certification in case of Indian Nationals:

I also verify having attested the Photograph of the said Person

  1. who is personally known to me; or
  2. who met me in person along with the original of the attached documents

The above said Modification were made effective from 25th December, 2012