Given that external counsel spend is often the biggest burden for GCs under pressure to cut costs, many are having to rethink their tactics when it comes to engaging with law firms, and while there is plenty of evidence suggesting the migration of work from law firms to corporate legal departments, in-house teams continue to rely heavily on the advice of expert legal assistance when it comes to doing business. What is less often considered is exactly how in-house teams are increasingly taking the reins of the profession to drive change in the delivery of legal services from their external counsel.

Many of the legal departments at Latin America’s biggest companies reflect their organisations, so they can often vary greatly in structure and different company cultures will drive different working practices, but there are number of observable trends when it comes to the ways in which legal teams are choosing to work with their law firms. Indeed, LACCA’s research into “Who Represents Latin America’s biggest companies” reveals that GCs across the region have continued to boost in-house expertise and be more strategic with the work they outsource, while forcing local firms to become ever more specialised in providing a better, cheaper and more efficient service.