Sounds bizarre right, but drones that delivery your shopping could be here before we know it. Such is the exponential growth in technology innovation, how will the world’s ‘smart cities’ improve urban living for the ever increasing city population?

A human-centric approach and embracing technology is key. We can already see this with developments such as: (1) intelligent parking – an app that enables drivers to find, navigate to and pay for available parking throughout a city in real time, (2) multi-modal transport apps – mobile apps that combine all transport modes including trains, car shares and bikes allowing citizens to plan the quickest and greenest cross city journey, (3) green buildings – eco-friendly sustainable living in green urban villages, for example Sydney’s transformational One Central Park; and (4) human-congestion management – sidewalk data hubs collecting data and tracking our movement and feeding this into improved traffic congestion management systems, allowing the seamless movement of people and vehicles throughout our cities, for example the Smart Pedestrian Signals Project in Dubai.

The challenge will be how the public and private sector can work together with citizens to maximise the endless opportunities in a safe, reliable and secure way. A question for later, I can’t answer now, “my driverless taxi is outside”.