A huge list of duties - 1,294 alone identified by the Department for Communities and Local Government - has been published with a request that consultees comment on the duties and challenge Government on those which they feel are burdensome or no longer needed.

 On the planning side they include the rather fundamental duty to pay compensation if planning permission is revoked. And we might wonder who drew up the list when it includes the duty to take into account environmental information - that is the lynchpin of the EIA regulations and directive. But a very thorough job has been done, even if we might question what's on the list.

Less alarming but still controversial are duties such as the restrictions on when s.73 applications to "amend" planning conditions can be made, the annual report on implementation of the Local Development Scheme and the duty to pay regard to the desirability of enhancing or preserving a listed building when considering a planning application which affects it.

The deadline for making your case for or against these provisions expires on 25 April (which is Easter Monday, so read Maundy Thursday which is 21 April, instead). Wherever you sit in planning - whether as developer, landowner, local authority or member of the public, there's something in this which will affect you.