The Scottish Government has issued a planning statutory instrument part of which clarifies that the new pre-application consultation requirements coming into force on 6 April 2009 will apply only in respect of applications for planning permission made on or after 3rd August 2009.

So, if you are preparing, or will be preparing, an application which you know (or indeed which you think might) be submitted on or after 3 August 2009, you will have to take steps to comply with the pre-application consultation procedures.

There may still be some merit, therefore, in expediting pending planning applications in order to avoid the minimum three month delay implicit in compliance with the pre-application consultation exercise. As 3 August 2009 approaches, there will be a danger that any delay in submitting your application may result in your application not only being delayed by at least a further three months, but also that it might have to be revised as a result of having to comply at a late stage with the pre-application process.