Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R) has signed into law the Fair Share Act (S.B. 1131), which essentially eliminates joint and several liability in strict liability lawsuits filed in the state.

Defendants found to be less than 60 percent at fault would be required to pay only that part of the total dollar amount for which they have been found liable. In cases involving intentional misrepresentation, an intentional tort, greater than 60 percent fault, a release or threatened release of a hazardous substance, or certain violations of the Liquor Code, joint and several liability would apply.  

On signing the bill, Corbett said, “Pennsylvania is open for business.” He claimed that the measure “will encourage companies to move here, grow here and stay here in Pennsylvania.” According to a news source, the General Assembly passed the bill three times; it was previously rejected by the state supreme court and vetoed by former Governor Ed Rendell (D).