Washington’s Administrative Review and Hearings Division (ARHD) held that a taxpayer's out-of-state purchase of a travel trailer, which was driven to Washington and then subsequently sold to a nonresident company, was subject to use tax. The taxpayer argued that because the vehicle was purchased out of the state and then sold to a nonresidential buyer two months later, that his purchase should not have been subject to Washington’s use tax. However, the taxpayer assumed control of the vehicle the first time he drove it in Washington, making it subject to use tax.  Determining whether a state’s use tax is due can be difficult and many factors can come into play. That’s where Allyn comes in! Allyn Tax acts as an extension of your team to help your business minimize liabilities, mitigate costs, maintain compliance, and maximize tax savings. If you need additional guidance on how to approach analyzing, reporting, and remittance of tax, contact one of our consultants today!