On July 24, 2014, Boulder County District Court Judge D.D. Mallard overturned the hydraulic fracturing ban imposed by the City of Longmont, Colorado. The court ruled that the Longmont ban created an irreconcilable operational conflict with the state's interest in fostering the responsible development of Colorado's mineral resources. "There is no way to harmonize Longmont's fracking ban with the stated goals of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act. As described above, the state interest in production, prevention of waste and protection of correlative rights, on the one hand, and Longmont's interest in banning hydraulic fracturing on the other, present mutually exclusive positions. There is no common ground upon which to craft a means to harmonize the state and local interest. The conflict in this case is an irreconcilable conflict."

Thus, while recognizing that there are both local and state interests in the safe production of oil and gas in Colorado, the state's interest preempted the local interests in banning hydraulic fracturing. The ban on "hydraulic fracturing and the storage and disposal of hydraulic fracturing waste in the City of Longmont, is invalid as preempted by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Act." The Court issued an injunction preventing the City of Longmont from enforcing the ban, but stayed the order during the time permitted for Longmont to file an appeal.