The Governor-in-Council, on the request of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, extended the timeline to issue a decision on the Deep Geologic Repository for low and intermediate-level nuclear waste by 90 days to March 1, 2016. The Repository is proposed to be built in Kincardine, Ontario adjacent to the eight existing Bruce nuclear reactors on the shore of Lake Huron. The federal government received a report earlier this year from the Joint Review Panel set up under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, recommending that the project should proceed with a number of conditions. The tribunal concluded that the project would not cause any significant adverse environmental effects if the conditions it recommended were implemented.

For a full review of the tribunal decision see the upcoming article by Stanley D. Berger in Key Developments in Environmental Law 2015 at page 89, ed. Stanley D. Berger, published by Canada Law Book, December 2015.

With the recent change in the federal government in October, it would not be surprising for the new Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, not to mention Cabinet as a whole, to wish more time to familiarize themselves with the file.