Whole Foods Market has begun selling rabbit meat at select stores nation- wide, and rabbit advocacy groups have planned protests in response. In a May 2014 press release, Whole Foods announced its plan to sell rabbit meat raised according to its animal-welfare standards, including the requirements that the rabbits have “continuous access to drinking water, feed, roughage, gnawing blocks, tunnels and places for seclusion” as well as treatment for injuries. unsatisfied, the House Rabbit society has planned a day of action for August 17, 2014, encouraging participants to “politely talk to Whole Foods customers about the company’s decision to sell rabbit meat” with the goal of generating comment cards critical of the new policy. Whole Foods said it introduced rabbit meat in response to customer demand, and a spokesperson told Huffington Post that it is “sensitive to the companion animal issue.” Consid- ering the rise in popularity of rabbit meat at restaurants, a Los Angeles Times reporter noted, “[T]he rabbit advocacy groups may have their work cut out for them.” See Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times, August 14, 2014.