On 1 August 2011, The High Security Psychiatric Services (Arrangements for Safety and Security at Ashworth, Broadmoor and Rampton Hospitals) Directions 2011 (the directions) came into force.

New issues covered by the revised directions include:  

  • a duty upon the trusts to co-operate with each other in developing security arrangements;
  • searching of patients involving the removal of clothing;
  • specified employment opportunities; and
  • provision of training.  

The DH has produced guidance to accompany these new directions which covers:  

  • general information about the directions (paragraphs 3 to 5);
  • specific guidance about the implementation of certain requirements contained in the directions (paragraph 6); and
  • general guidance on the manner in which policies (including procedures and protocols) should be produced, and promulgated to staff, within the high security hospitals (paragraphs 7 to 12).