The head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Grigory Ivliev said that the agency is preparing actions to stimulate invention, including reducing taxes for companies, which received a patent for the goods they produce.

"We are preparing a tax optimization. I hope that our colleagues from the financial sector will support us, and we will be able to launch it this year. Russia is a high-tech country, so we could provide a reduction in income tax if the company had been issued a patent and produces these goods," the head of the service said, noting that this tool has already shown its effectiveness in Europe and Asia.

Russian patent office proposed to exempt companies from paying tax on intellectual property, as some companies refuse to protect their intellectual property for the sake of saving on taxes.

The head of the Russian patent office drew attention to the need for all government programs aimed at scientific and technological development to reflect the issue of creating intellectual property. According to the head of the Russian patent office, there are three criteria for assessing the success of this program:

1. modern patent analytics;

2. consider an object of intellectual property as the form of a key technical solution;

3. a pre-determined number of intellectual property objects.

According to the results of the first six months, the Russian patent office received almost 17 thousand applications for registration of new inventions, in annual terms, an increase of 12%.

According to Ivleev, in July 2020, 193 applications were submitted, among them, there were 136 inventions and 57 utility models related to the above areas. Currently, 11 patents of the Russian Federation have already been published: 1 patent for a vaccine (N. F. Gamalei Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology), 4 patents for diagnostic test systems, and 6 patents for various means of sterilization and disinfection.