On November 9th, NYSE Regulation reminded NYSE Amex equities members that the phase-in period for Depth Guidelines and PPP values in Nasdaq UTP symbols is scheduled to end on November 12, 2010. Accordingly, effective November 15, 2010, NYSE Amex Equities Rule 104(f) requires designated market makers to maintain a fair and orderly market as evidenced by appropriate continuity and reasonable depth in a manner consistent with Exchange-published Depth Guidelines. In addition, effective November 15, 2010, the PPP re-entry obligations contained in NYSE Amex Equities Rule 104(g) also apply to DMM trading in Nasdaq UTP symbols. The Exchange will deliver on a daily basis Depth Guidelines and PPPs for Nasdaq UTP symbols in the same manner as it delivers such information for NYSE and NYSE Amex-listed securities. NYSE Regulation Information Memo 10-46.