On 14 June 2013, the Trade ministers from the European Union gave the European Commission a mandate to negotiate the free-trade agreement between the European Union and the United-States, which aims at increasing trade and investment with a view to create a transatlantic market place.

In order to preserve the European Union's strategic interests, the mandate has not been made publically available. However, the European Commission has disclosed some of the objectives to be achieved during the negotiation. Among them, the harmonisation of some specific issues related to Intellectual Property Law should be discussed, in particular in the fields of patents and geographical indications. In consideration, in particular, of the French State's wish to preserve its so-called cultural exception, issues related to audiovisual services have not been included, for now, in the Commission's mandate.

On 15 June 2013, the French National Assembly adopted a European resolution on the negotiating mandate for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the United-States of America and the European Union in order to affirm its expectations towards the Commission in this context.