BGC Financial, L.P. agreed to pay a fine of US $42,500 to resolve charges brought by a business conduct committee of ICE Futures U.S. that, on “multiple instances” in connection with block trades, it allegedly failed to record and maintain oral communications leading to the transactions’ execution; to report the correct execution time, and to adequately supervise brokers’ block trade activities. According to an IFUS rule (click here to access the relevant rule, Rule 6.07(b)), all members, non-member futures commission merchants and introducing brokers must “record and maintain” all oral and written communications leading to the execution of an exchange futures or options contract and related cash commodity “whether communication by telephone, voicemail … mobile device or other digital or electronic media.” Separately, three firms were charged with possibly engaging in wash sales in connection with transactions alleged to have been undertaken for the purpose of moving positions between different accounts of the same entity. In one action, involving Inertia Power VI, LLC, the firm agreed to a settlement of US $70,000 for engaging in such alleged transactions on “several occasions.” In another action, Christopher Mumm agreed to pay US $12,500 to resolve a charge that he possibly engaged in two wash trades to correct an error and move positions from one account of his employer to another. In the last action, Sean Matthews agreed to pay a fine of US $5,000 for allegedly engaging in one transaction to move positions between two accounts of his employer. Finally, Freepoint Commodities LLC also agreed to pay a fine of US $7,500 for allegedly holding a position “inadvertently” in the spot month of New York Mercantile Exchange natural gas futures while holding a position in excess of the spot month speculative position limit in the Henry LD1 Fixed Price futures contract during the February 2015 contract expiration. Holding a position in the corresponding NYMEX contract is prohibited by IFUS when a firm is subject to a conditional limit in excess of spot month limits on the Henry Hub Fixed Price Future.