The amendment to the Slovak Cadastral Act No. 162/1995 Coll. entered into force on 1 October 2018 (the “Amendment”). The most significant changes introduced under the Amendment are outlined below:

General requirements of petition

Under the Amendment, broader requirements for a petition at the start of each of the cadastral proceedings will apply (e.g. entry proceedings, error correction proceedings etc.). Under the new rules it will be necessary to include more identification details of the petitioner (e.g. nationality, and in the case of a foreigner an additional “other identifier” such as a passport number); designation of immovable property; and the identification of the legal act constituting the right to immovable property. The Amendment also extends the list of annexes that need to be attached with the petition. The petition may be filed also via electronic form. The new requirements align the content between the paper and electronic form. Further, it will be no longer necessary to attach the geometric plan which was officially verified from 1 October 2018 (reference to the number of geometrical plan will be sufficient in such case).

Real estate listings

The Amendment introduces a real estate listing as a new output from the Cadastral Registry. The real estate listing contains data on all properties owned or managed by one person, within the entire territory of the Slovak Republic. Anyone can be provided with the listing related to a legal person’s property. In the case of a natural person, the listing is only available to a natural person concerned and authorised persons (e.g. notary, bankruptcy trustee, etc.). It is no longer necessary to request multiple Deeds of Title in which the properties are registered.

Price registration

The Cadastral Registry will include the information about the price of real estate which are the subject of registration, including apartments and non-residential premises (even if they are under construction). Information on price might be provided to the registered owner or other authorized persons (National Bank of Slovakia, notary, etc.). Previously, only the price of agricultural and forest land was registered.

Registration of constructions

Construction will only be able to be registered if it is bounded by perimeter walls and a roof structure. This should help to avoid previous confusion on whether is necessary to register certain small constructions.

Tracker of changes

Pursuant to amended notice No. 461/2009 Coll., it is possible to sign up for service of monitoring the changes of real estate data from the Cadastral Registry. For provision of this service, it is necessary to enter into a contract with an authorised entity or to apply via a registration form. The information on changes will be sent electronically to the email address provided, which will help prevent fraudulent actions.