On June 8, 2016, the 21 members of the ACT presented its 15th report of recommendations to the IRS in a public meeting in Washington, DC.

The ACT report addressed five issues:

  • Employee Plans: Analysis and Recommendations Regarding Changes to the Determination Letter Program
  • Exempt Organizations: Stewards of the Public Trust: Long-Range Planning for the Future of the IRS and the Exempt Community
  • Federal, State and Local Governments: Revised FSLG Trainings and Communicating with Small Local Governments
  • Indian Tribal Governments: Survey of Tribes Regarding IRS Effectiveness with Current Topics of Concerns and Recommendations
  • Tax Exempt Bonds: Recommendations for Continuous Improvement and Enhancing Resources in the Tax Exempt Bond Market

ACT members provide observations about current or proposed IRS policies, programs and procedures, and suggest improvements. The members are selected by the Commissioner of the IRS and then appointed by the Department of the Treasury. The IRS seeks a diverse group of members representing a broad spectrum of people experienced in employee plans; exempt organizations; tax-exempt bonds; federal, state, local and Indian tribal governments.