New PCB Regulations recently came into force, repealing the federal Storage of PCB Regulations and Chlorobiphenyls Regulations. Among other things, the new regulations set specific deadlines for (i) ending the use of PCBs in concentrations at or above 50 mg/kg; (ii) eliminating all PCBs and equipment containing PCBs currently in storage; and (iii) limiting the period of time that PCBs can be stored before being destroyed. For example, with certain exceptions, the regulations prescribe December 31, 2009 as the end-of-use deadline for specified liquids and equipment containing PCBs in a concentration of 500 mg/kg or more. The regulations also include more stringent release limits, updated labelling and reporting requirements and provisions for the management of PCBs that will be allowed to remain in use (i.e., those with content of less than 50 mg/kg). For further information, please see