For the past 10 years, Microsoft and the Spanish National Intelligence Center (“CNI“, shorthand for the Spanish Secret Service) joined forces in research on cybersecurity. They have just expanded their cooperation in this field by signing a new agreement, which implies the continuity of the CNI in Microsoft’s Government Security Program (“GSP“).

The purpose of this agreement is to prevent and respond to incidents that may affect the security of Information and Communications Technology (“ICT“). In particular, it seeks to provide equivalent security conditions for the services which are available electronically and those provided physically at any office of the Spanish Administration.

The CNI, as well as other government agencies involved in the GSP, will benefit from the developments recently made by Microsoft in order to ensure greater transparency in the GSP. Specifically, the government agencies involved in the GSP (i) will have online access to the source code of additional Microsoft products, (ii) will be able to review the source code in the new worldwide Microsoft Transparency Centers; and (iii) will be able to discuss and exchange information on the security of Microsoft products and services, if they consider that there is a significant problem. In addition to this, the CNI will also have access to all the technical information on Microsoft products that it may need in order to improve the security against cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities that jeopardize public safety (including information related to the cloud services of the company).