Yesterday, governors from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin signed the Midwestern Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord. By signing the Accord, the governors are strengthening their efforts to fight global warming. "I’m proud to join my fellow Midwestern governors to strengthen our energy security and fight global warming. America’s heartland is ready to lead our nation toward a smarter, cleaner energy future because Illinois and the Midwest can’t – and won’t – wait for federal action," said Illinois Gov. Blagojevich. The governors will establish targets for greenhouse gas reductions as well as set up a cap and trade program within the next year.

Governors from eight Midwestern states also signed a series of agreements separate from the Accord to promote energy efficiency and strengthen the region's energy security. Under the agreements, carbon capture and storage technology would be part of all new power plants by 2020. The agreements establish plans for multistate pipelines for the transportation of carbon dioxide to oil fields for EOR and underground storage. Other agreements were to promote the use of E-85 fuel and generate more power from clean and renewable sources such as wind.