In June 2017, the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) changed the format and frequency of updates to its Work Plan. The OIG uses the Work Plan to publish its priority areas of current focus, including ongoing and planned audits, reports, and investigative activities. Previously the OIG had published the Work Plan on an annual basis, and more recently had begun publishing mid-year updates.

Now, beginning this month, the OIG will post monthly updates to its Work Plan on its website. This provides a central location for accessing all ongoing and planned Work Plan items. A helpful feature is the listing of recently added items, which includes all planned audits and evaluations that have been added since the last iteration of the Work Plan. For example, the listing reveals that the OIG is in the process of preparing a report on whether prescribers’ National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers have been appropriately included as prescriber identifiers on Part D prescription drug event records. We anticipate that the more frequently updated Work Plan will be a useful source for gaining insight into evolving OIG priorities on an ongoing basis.