On September 20th, 2010, the Ontario government began the process of updating the Long-Term Energy Plan (the “LTEP”). The LTEP was first introduced in 2006 and directs the development of new generation and transmission capacity in the Province. The 2006 plan led to the development of approximately 8,000 megawatts of new generation in Ontario. The new LTEP will incorporate the Province’s commitment to shutdown all coal-powered generating stations by 2014. The general public is invited to comment by answering a series of questions regarding demand, price, generation, transmission and conservation, on the Ministry of Energy website. The government will also conduct more formal consultations with key stakeholders such as utilities, environmental organizations, businesses, First Nations and Métis organizations, and consumer groups.

The end result of this consultation will be the issuance of a new Supply Mix Directive, which will be posted for comment on the Environmental Registry. Once the Minister of Energy finalizes and issues the Supply Mix Directive it will be used by the Ontario Power Authority to inform the development of the Long-Term Energy Plan which will be submitted to the Minister for approval and then submitted to the Ontario Energy Board for review. The Minister anticipates the LTEP will be finally approved in 2011.