Charities should consider reviewing the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (“CRTC”) consultation on the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules (“UTRs”). 

Among other areas, the CRTC is seeking comments regarding the automatic dialing-announcing device (“ADAD”) rules, caller name display, duration and scope of a do not call request, and grace period for a do not call request.  Some specific questions posed by the CRTC include:

  • Should the ADAD rules eliminate the need to obtain express consent when making unsolicited telecommunications via an ADAD for the purpose of solicitation in situations where there is an existing business relationship?
  • Where technologically possible, should the Telemarketing Rules mandate display of the caller’s name on consumers’ call displays?
  • Should the 31-day grace periods remain as they are for both internal do not call list (“DNCL”) and national DNCL compliance?  Would it be reasonable to implement a grace period, for instance, of between 24 and 48 hours for an organization to honour a consumer’s internal DNCL request?

A copy of the consultation, including information on how to submit comments, is available here: