The province, apparently making good on premier Alison Redford's promise to send transmission projects "back to the drawing board" has stopped hearings into three transmission projects.

Energy minister Ted Morton, in a letter to the Alberta Utilities Commission, requested that the AUC adjourn the hearings while the government "reviews its approach to certain critical transmission infrastructure projects."  The AUC in turn has suspended all proceedings until further notice. 

The three projects are the Heartland, Western Alberta Transmission Line and Eastern Alberta Transmission Line.

For Heartland, hearings were concluded and a decision was expected on October 24.  WATL hearings were scheduled to commence on November 7.  EATL hearings were expected to commence on January 16, 2012.  All proceedings are suspended.

Update:  late on Friday afternoon, the Premier clarified at a news converence that the Heartland project was not being stopped.  The AUC briefly put the project on hold as a result of Friday's first announcement, has stated that the decision will not be released on October 24 but should be ready within two weeks.