[2008] LTLPI 07.04.09  

The Claimant, a 45-year-old community staff nurse for the Defendant, developed a latex allergy in 2004 after regular contact with substance during her daily duties. No latex allergy policy was in force at the time of the Claimant’s employment and Defendant accepted it had failed to adequately protect its employees by conducting screening at commencement of employment.  

Claimant said the acquired condition forced her to give up her career and caused her to suffer psychological injury. Both parties’ experts agreed Claimant could work in a controlled office environment or from home but neither identified suitable employers.  

Court concluded Claimant was at a substantial disadvantage on the labour market and applying a broad-brush approach to quantification of loss of earnings, with multiplier and multiplicand as per Blamire v South Cumbria HA [1993], £150,011 was awarded for future loss of earnings.  

Court award: £254,610 (General Damages £22,500).