The Federal Tax Service ("FTS") has approved the procedure for submitting documents in electronic form in order to register legal entities, farms and individual entrepreneurs (the "Procedure"). This procedure comes into force beginning in April 2012 via the FTS' site ( or the unified portal of the government and municipal services (

The Procedure (i) establishes the requirements of documents to be submitted to the FTS; (ii) regulates the operating procedures of the Interregional Inspectorate of the FTS for the centralised processing of data (the "Inspectorate"); and (iii) regulates the operating procedure of the registering bodies.

Specifically, the Procedure stipulates that documents (i) must have an applicant's electronic signature; or (ii) that an applicant be allowed to have a notary verify his/her signature by electronic signature.

The Inspectorate monitors the compliance of the documents with the requirements. Following this, the documents are sent to the registering body, which completes the registration and prepares all the necessary documents relating to the registration process.

The documents may be submitted in electronic form via e-mail or at the FTS' site. However, if an applicant wishes, he/she may submit the documents in traditional paper form.

[Order No. YaK-7-6/489 of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation "On Approving the Procedure to Submit Electronic Documents to the Registration Authority in order to Register Legal Entities, Farmers and Individual Entrepreneurs via Public Information and Telecommunications Networks, including the Internet and the Unified Portal of Government and Municipal Services", dated 12 August 2011. Registration No. 21987 in the Department of Justice, dated 6 October 2011]