On 24 June 2014 the European Commission resolved that it does not object to an increase in indirect state support (in the form of a tax rebate), from 20% to 25%, for the production costs of films produced in Hungary. It is expected that during the next Parliament session (autumn 2014) the Hungarian Parliament will amend the Motion Picture Act (Act no. 2 of 2004) and the Corporate Tax Act (Act. no. 81 of 1996) accordingly. It is expected that these changes will have retrospective effect i.e. the changes will enter into force with retroactive effect as of 24 June 2014. Consequently the increased state support will be available to all productions that have been registered by the Hungarian Film Office after 24 June 2014. Films registered before 24 June 2014 will only be able to benefit from the 20% indirect support. Productions (even on-going productions) which have been registered after 24 June 2014 will be entitled to 25% indirect support (if the modification is accepted by the Parliament). The potential increase in the level of indirect support is consistent with the New Cinema Communication of the European Commission, and it has no effect on the application of the Hungarian film incentive system, which has been approved and extended until 31 December 2019.