On 20 November 2011, the proceedings in the first case before the Swedish Market Court in which the Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”) alleges that a public body has acted in breach of competition law will begin. In 2011, the SCA found that the municipal union Räddningstjänsten Dala-Mitt (“RDM”) had breached the Swedish Competition Act by denying a competing undertaking access to a training field. By doing so, the SCA found, RDM had prevented this competitor from being able to submit “best possible” offers to public tenders for five contracts concerning the training of part-time firefighters. However, the Stockholm district court decided against the SCA’s view. The SCA appealed the district court’s decision before the Market Court alleging that the district court erred in law by holding the SCA to an erroneous and unreasonably high standard of proof. The case is one of the first in which the SCA has alleged a breach of the Swedish Competition Act by a public body and the first of such cases that is brought before the Market Court. Proceedings will take place during a period of two weeks. Source: The Swedish Competition Authority Press Release 19/11/2013