“Food is not tobacco… But the public health community is concerned about both diet and tobacco use for a very good reason,” writes Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) Executive Director Michael Jacobson in a June 2, 2015, Huffington Post blog post claiming that both industries “share some common bloodlines.”

Jacobson claims that both industries not only market to children, but purportedly “blame their customers for the harm caused by their products.” In addition, he argues that these companies emphasize personal responsibility while overlooking “the extent to which companies persuade, lure, and manipulate customers—including children—into making the very decisions that companies say should be up to them.”

“Like Big Tobacco, Big Food goes to great lengths to muddy the waters and obscure the connections between soda and disease,” the article concludes. “Big Tobacco and Big Food are now separate industries, but the playbook is much the same. How the game ends is up to us.”