The State of Rio de Janeiro issued Law n. 6,439 on April 26, 2013 aiming at renewing the fleet of trucks in the State. As of June 1st, the vehicles can be acquired with ICMS exemption.

This exemption applies to the acquisition of trucks in the next 5 years (that can be postponed for other 5 years), or until the average age of the fleet of trucks in the State reach 12 years. As a condition, the benefited vehicle cannot be transferred to another State for 5 years after it is acquired.

Moreover, the Law allows that the taxpayer register credits on the relieved ICMS in 48 monthly installments. The benefit applies only to vehicles manufactured in the State of Rio de Janeiro. For a truck to be bought with ICMS exemption, the beneficiary must unregister before DETRAN another truck, aged 20 years or over, and prove its destruction by a vehicle recycling company.

(Law n. 6,439, 04.26.2013, Official Gazette/RJ, 04.29.2013).