A quick reminder of recent legislative changes:

1 The national minimum wage

The latest increases came into effect from 1 October:

  • Workers aged 22 and over: £5.73 per hour (previously £5.52)
  • Workers aged 18-21: £4.77 per hour (previously £4.60)
  • Workers aged 16-17: £3.53 per hour (previously £3.40)
  • Accommodation offset: £31.22 per week (previously £30.10)

2 Employers liability insurance

From 1 October, employers no longer have to display liability insurance certificates in each workplace (although it must be available for inspection on-line).

3 Maternity leave

Women whose expected week of childbirth begins on or after 5 October 2008 have the right to the same non-pay terms and conditions during additional maternity leave as they currently enjoy during ordinary maternity leave.

4 Statutory sick pay

From 27 October, agency workers on contracts of less than three months are entitled to statutory sick pay.