FCA is proposing changes to the “Knowledge Base” which is the UK Listing Authority (UKLA’s) repository of non-handbook commentary that has the status of formal FCA guidance. It wants to make changes to its note on smaller related party transactions and add a note on financial information on guarantors in debt prospectuses and requests for omission. It has summarised its proposals in its latest Primary Market Bulletin and asks for comments by 8 June. The Primary Market Bulletin also announces the publication of a report on the “UK Debt Market Forum – Practical measures to improve the effectiveness of UK primary listed debt markets”. There will be a number of changes following the recommendations in the report, including a new team dedicated to questions from overseas issuers, better engagement with practitioners and wider use of the “same day” service. (Source: FCA proposes changes to UKLA Knowledge Base and FCA to improve efficiency of primary debt markets)