Announcement of State Administration of Taxation concerning the Enterprise Income Tax Annual Declaration Form (Type A, 2014 Version) (SAT Announcement [2014] No.63) (国家税务总局关于发布《中华人民共和国企业所得税年度纳税申报表(A 类,2014 年 版)》的公告)

On November 3, 2014, SAT issued the 2014 version of the Enterprise Income Tax Annual Declaration Form (the “New Form”), which taxpayers will use for the EIT declaration on actual profit basis.

The current EIT Annual Declaration Form (the “Old Form”) has been in force since 2008. After several amendments over the years, it currently includes a set of 28 forms. However, the rapid changes of EIT regulations and SAT’s need to reinforce tax administration have made it lack of clarity and completeness.

The New Form includes a set of 41 forms. Taxpayers can choose to fill in the ones that are applicable to their particular circumstances. The New Form arranges important items into separate forms to breakdown the information.

Below is a comparison of the items of each form:

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The New Form will come into effect on January 1, 2015, applicable to the EIT annual filing and settlement of tax year 2014. Taxpayers should get familiar with the New Form and be prepared for the upcoming annual EIT declaration.

Date of issue: November 3, 2014. Date of effectiveness: January 1, 2015.