The FSA has published future versions of the Handbooks of the FCA and PRA, together with a Guide to how the Handbook rules have been designated.  The FSA Handbook has been split between the two new regulators to form two new Handbooks, although some rules have been adopted by both.  The Handbooks will come into effect on 1 April 2013.  

The FSA has also published the following instruments following the publication of the new handbooks:

The FSA has also published a new webpagewhich sets out future handbook forms and templates.  However, the final Handbook text on matters covered in the series of Regulatory Reform consultations are not as yet included. The final Handbook rules and provisions on these more substantive matters will be published before legal cutover, and included in the online versions of the Handbooks.

The following additional guides were published on 11 March:

together with updated webpages about the on both the FSA and the Bank of England’s websites.