Sprint Communications Company L.P. v. Comcast IP Holdings, LLC, et al., C.A. No. 12-1013 - RGA, August 7, 2015

Andrews, J. Defendants’ motion for JMOL is granted and in the alternative their motion for a new trial is granted. Plaintiff’s motion for prejudgment interest is denied as moot.

The patents-in-suit relate to telecommunications. A 4-day jury trial was held in February, 2015.  The jury returned a verdict for sprint.  The court finds that a reasonable jury could not have concluded that a combination of interface cards meets the court’s construction of “ring terminal,” or found infringement in all 79 of the accused networks.  Defendants’ waived their right to seek a new trial based on plaintiff’s statements made during oral argument. However, a new trial is warranted on the issue of infringement.  Defendants’ objection regarding the exclusion of evidence relating to a prior art patent was rejected.