Non-EU nationals may be eligible to apply for a work permit exemption which has been implemented for employees sent to the Netherlands to undertake specific projects involving collaboration between Dutch and foreign companies. This work authorisation will be valid for up to three years with the opportunity for renewal if the project requires ongoing work.

The following requirements are essential for the work permit waiver to apply:

  • There must be a partnership or agreement between a Dutch and foreign company for a collaborative project concerning the delivery of goods, services or training;
  • This project must have been approved by the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV);
  • The foreign national must be undertaking specialised work that an EU, EEA or Swiss national cannot do due to lacking relevant experience or qualifications etc;  and
  • The foreign national will be paid no less than the Dutch minimum wage.

If eligible, non-EU nationals can undertake work on the project within two days of notification by the Dutch company to the UWV, without applying for a work permit. The exemption will not apply to foreign nationals staying over 90 days who qualify for the EU ICT Residence Permit.