ACI Operations Pty Ltd enforceable undertaking


In June 2011, a worker suffered burns when his clothing caught alight while performing maintenance on a glass-forming machine that he mistakenly believed had been shut down.

The Victorian Workcover Authority alleged that the employer had breached various provisions of the Victorian OHS Act by failing to provide or maintain plant or safe systems of work, and failing to provide workers with instruction.

Following the incident ACI Operations Pty Ltd (ACI) undertook a number of actions including reviewing its PPE requirements, developing an “operator safety signoff” process for the machine and a safety procedure awareness checklist, developing a neck ring changing tool, altering the machine’s guarding and developing a step-over platform at a cost of $91,000.


ACI entered into an enforceable undertaking in lieu of prosecution, agreeing to contribute $100,000 to Monash University’s Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research.