Our region and the world economy continue to face tumultuous times, starting with the recent rise in tensions between Iran and the US to the escalating conflict in Yemen and the raging trade war between the US and China. In spite of that, Egypt emerged from the conflict that seems to engulf the whole globe as a beacon of political stability, economic growth and social development.

Despite all the challenges we still face in education, healthcare and poverty, the government has truly made herculean efforts to limit the suffering of the population and achieve prosperity for all. We have already seen the Virus C epidemic vanishing, informal housing’s near disappearance and tangible education and healthcare reforms.

Egypt has a strategic geopolitical link to both the GCC and the African continent. It has been able to prosper and regain its leadership position in the Arab world. On the other hand, the current administration’s determination to strengthen Egypt’s ties with its African brethren has opened up investment avenues that thus far had remained untapped.