The ACCC has indicated that it is currently targeting businesses for making false or misleading ‘organic’ claims about their products.

With a number of infringement notices issued as part of the investigations, it is a timely reminder for businesses to ensure that any product claims such as ‘organic’, ‘100% organic’ or ‘made using organic ingredients’ are true and can be substantiated. Similarly, any products labelled as ‘certified organic’ should have undergone a certification process.Whilst there is no mandatory requirement for products to meet any ‘organic’ standards or undergo a certification process, businesses can voluntarily:

  • ensure that their products meet Australian Standard AS 6000–2009 for growers and manufacturers, to support any ‘organic’ claim or labelling; and/or
  • engage private organisations to certify that their products have met minimum ‘organic’ standards and allow labelling with a symbol, logo or other trade mark that indicates these minimum standards have been met.