This November, The Fintech Times is looking to broaden the understanding of digital currencies, ranging from blockchain’s use outside of crypto to CBDCs, in an attempt to replace the notion that digital currencies are a synonym for crypto.

Talking to industry experts, they will be looking at the use of blockchain outside of crypto and how the adoption of the technology could revolutionise multiple industries.

Shearman partner Donna Parisi was quoted in an article published on November 3rd, talking about the application of blockchain technology to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read the article in The FinTech Times.

Donna Parisi Partner and Head of Fintech and Financial Services at Shearman & Sterling said, “In Estonia, the government is running a digitalised eGovernment system on blockchain, which ensures the security of government registers covering everything from healthcare and patient health records to digital IDs, property records and even a digital court system. This system supports UN Sustainable Development Goal #16, supporting justice and strong institutions, and SDG#3, promoting good health and well-being for all ages. Every day, in every corner of the globe, more creative blockchain-based solutions are emerging.”